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Trey Ferguson appointed to multiple boards, and has article posted in two publications.

Sumrell Sugg Is pleased to announce that attorney Trey Ferguson was recently appointed to the New Bern Board of Adjustment as the Ward 1 appointee and was also appointed to the Craven Community Foundation and the NC Bar Foundation’s Programs Committee.

In addition, Ferguson recently authored Color-Code Curricula: How North Carolina’s Tracking Regime Creates Micro-Segregation and Violates the State’s Constitution. This article appeared in the NC Central Law Review (44 N.C. CENTRAL L. REV. 29 (2022)), and an adapted version of that same article appeared in the publication of the Center for Racial Equity in Education, Color-Coded Curriculum – How North Carolina’s Academic Tracking Regime Creates Micro-Segregation and What Our State Can Do to Remedy It.

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