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Estate Planning

The Estate Planning and Probate Group at Sumrell Sugg creates comprehensive estate and retirement plans. Estate planning includes creation of a will or trust, and should also consider tax, family, retirement, insurance, power of attorney, guardianship, disability and financial objectives for clients as well as for future generations.


Proper planning and careful execution are necessary to ensure the preservation of the wealth that clients have created for themselves and for their families over the years.  At Sumrell Sugg, we help our clients navigate the complexities of federal and state tax laws; attempt to minimize costs; and ensure the proper and efficient administration of decedent’s estates.

Members of the Estate Planning and Probate Group are well versed in planning techniques that assist clients in successfully addressing state/federal income and estate tax issues. Sumrell Sugg attorneys are skilled in addressing concerns such as lifetime giving plans, living trusts, and charitable planning, taking into account tax issues, human factors, family dynamics and financial management issues.

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