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Judge's Table

Sumrell Sugg is a progressive legal firm that strives to always deliver exemplary responsiveness to our clients. Whether clients are individuals, corporations, or local governments and municipalities, our firm delivers on an undeviating promise of service.

Part of that service is the recognition that today's attorneys must know not only the law and the law’s interpretation, but also have a firm grasp of what lies ahead regarding matters of importance to any client or action. Sumrell Sugg attorneys have a clear understanding of how to accurately address client needs, both present and future, in an ever-changing regulatory and legal environment. Firm lawyers routinely provide leadership in the management of complex financial agreements and transactions, litigation strategy, technology, business management and corporate governance. Sumrell Sugg attorneys and associates are deeply experienced in all of these areas and more.


For Sumrell Sugg, service also means stewardship of client interests beyond the giving of day-to-day sound legal advice. The law is often complex and demanding; it requires time and often decisions must be made in the context of business, economic, financial, interpersonal or political circumstances that separately impact, influence or dictate a particular legal decision. The firm is keenly aware that while we provide legal solutions for client matters, we also must do so efficiently, and with reference to other social or environmental constructs. Costs are estimated, monitored, reviewed, and reported on a scheduled basis. Winning isn’t winning if it comes at too high a price, or if the legal resolution poses hardship or difficulty for the client in another arena.


Sumrell Sugg has a long history of earning long-term relationships with clients. We are dedicated to respecting and upholding the law while exploring all opportunities of service for our clients.

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