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Sumrell Sugg Presents To Annual Meeting of Police Execs

Sumrell Sugg Managing Partner, Scott Hart, and Associate, Trey Ferguson, presented a training session at the North Carolina Police Executives Association’s (NCPEA) Annual Meeting in Wilmington, N.C., on Monday, July 17, 2023. The NCPEA is a statewide membership organization consisting of federal, state, municipal, campus, corporate law enforcement and security agencies as well as legal and educational organizations responsible for the training and development of police professionals through the state. The NCPEA’s Annual Meeting is the largest law enforcement training conference in the state.

Scott and Trey’s presentation was on the legal liabilities for law enforcement agencies in the area of employment law. The presentation addressed topics such as negligent hiring, firing, and retention; state and federal constitutional claims; the American with Disabilities Act; as well as the State’s recently passed Criminal Justice Reform bills (S.L. 2021-138). For more than thirty years, Scott has represented and advised law enforcement agencies in civil litigation throughout the State’s federal and state courts, is the City of New Bern Police Department’s Police Legal Advisor, and heads up the firm’s insurance defense team. Trey’s legal practice primarily focuses on the defense of civil claims against law enforcement agencies as well as advising the firm’s local government clients on those same issues.

Sumrell Sugg, P.A. is a regional legal firm that provides clients with first-rate services in a cost-effective manner. Whether clients are individuals, corporations, or local governments and municipalities, our firm delivers on an undeviating promise of service. For more information, visit us at

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