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Benefits of Having a Real Estate Lawyer

The Real Estate Group at Sumrell Sugg offers sophisticated legal counsel in residential and commercial real estate transactions and issues. Our attorneys provide clients with local knowledge, efficiency and quality service in real estate transactions, ranging from commercial projects, residential or planned community developments, residential and commercial sales and acquisitions, as well as leasing and financing. The benefits of having a real estate lawyer greatly outweigh the costs, and save you or you business money in the long run. We’re explaining some of those benefits today to help you make the decision to use a real estate lawyer or not.

Contract Review: While many negotiations can be made in person, real estate transactions need to be formally contracted in order to be legally binding. Attorneys skilled in the area of real estate can negotiate on your behalf, explain any technical legal jargon in the contract, as well as addressing any and all potential problems or state specific laws.

Title Search + Liens: Another benefit of a real estate attorney is that they can complete a title search on the property being purchased to ensure it is free of any hinderances such as liens, and confirm that the property is legally allowed to be sold.

Closing: Finally the closing and transfer of property. A real estate lawyer will prepare all necessary closing documents to ensure that the property title passes smoothly from the seller to the buyer. They will also submit real estate deeds to the county and state if needed.

Sumrell Sugg attorneys can also advise clients on non-transactional real estate issues, including payment and performance disputes, owners’ association formation and governance, lien prevention and avoidance, easement use disputes, entitlement issues, regulatory compliance and approval matters and real estate related civil litigation. Our clients include large and small industry participants that have vested interest in a wide variety of real estate projects, including retail, office, multi-family, and mixed-use developments.

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in the near future contact us today for a consultation by calling (252) 633-3131. Sumrell Sugg is a progressive firm that strives always to deliver exemplary responsiveness to its clients. Whether clients are individuals, corporations, or local governments and municipalities, the firm delivers on an undeviating promise of service.

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